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Where next for Sterling/Euro? (Ben Amrany)

Yesterday GBP/EUR broke through 1.18 for the first time since the end of April. Over the course of the last 24 hours the pound has come crashing back down to 1.1680.

Comments from the president of the ECB Mario Draghi slightly weakened the Euro yesterday morning when he highlighted risks to Euro zone growth.

The worrying thing for Euro buyers with sterling, is that Draghi went on to add that with the Euro being a recession hit economy with rising borrowing costs for debt struggling nations they are nowhere near exiting its accommodative monetary policy. Why I say this is worrying is because the Euro has once again weakened against the USD but not the pound. What will happen when positive comments come out of the Euro zone?

Events in the UK where the BoE Governor Mervyn King in his last Financial Stability Report gave a warning that Britain’s banking sector and borrowers remain vulnerable to any increases in global interest rates has ordered an investigation into the vulnerability of Britain’s financial institutions and borrowers to higher interest rates. This has contributed to the pound weakening.

Sterling hit a high of over 1.1906 at the end of April and over the last two months we have seen a decline at one stage by around three cents. When the pound eventually comes out of this range bound will we see the rate move back above the 1.20 level or test the lows we witnessed this year of 1.13? With pressure to remain on sterling I feel that further declines could be around the corner once the new Governor of the Bank of England comes into force in July.

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Sterling Euro Rate Forecast (Tom Holian)

With Wimbledon now in full swing and the sunshine appearing in the UK, at least for this morning, Sterling Euro exchange rates have remained fairly stable and range bound since early May. UK Data in the form of UK GDP figures are published this morning at 930am with growth of 0.3% expected so any variation on this figure could see exchange rates move following this release.

Yesterday head of the ECB Mario Draghi made comments that saw Sterling Euro exchange rates break through 1.18 but only lasted a short period of time. With the Euro weakening this has seen investors move funds over to the Dollar as a safer haven and seen GBPUSD rates drop to below 1.53 during yesterday’s trading session.

Mark Carney is due to take over as Governor of the Bank of England and next Thursday he will release the MPC’s interest rate decision for the UK. It seems that since his announcement the currency markets in terms of Sterling vs Euro have held their breath in anticipation of what his style of policy for managing the UK will be.

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Is now a good time to sell euros for pounds? It is often the greedy who get their fingers burnt!

Good afternoon readers!

And how good to see some blue skies today over the UK and North Western Europe! Unfortunately the weather like some rates have not exactly been up to par but of course things can quickly change.

This week is a fairly dull week on the economic data front but you should not take things for granted. Important economic information includes UK GDP and a couple of reports by the Bank of England. I would not expect any changes in policy and even if there are hints, it is likely everyone will wait for next week.

Something more important to beware of on exchange rates is the fact it is the end of the month and quarter which means you could see lots of volatility on the market as traders reconcile any open positions. Predicting what this may be is nigh on impossible but we did see moves of over a cent higher for the euro at the end of March as this type of activity caused swings on the market.

Next week is shaping up to be a very interesting week indeed! Will Mark Carney look at measures to weaken sterling? Will the European Central Bank cut interest rates? The start of the week also sees a whole host of new fresh economic data from all over the world to give us new evidence as to how the respective economies are performing!


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Sterling up against the Euro following better retail sales

Sterling exchange rates rallied over 1 cent against the Euro following better than expected retail sales figures this morning. UK retail sales recorded a larger-than-expected rise last helped by a strong increase in food sales as sales rose 2.1% in May from the month before, and were up 1.9% from a year earlier, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). This news pushed the pound above 1.17 and paints a better outlook for the UK and future GDP.

This all bodes well for the new Bank of England Governor Mark Carney who officially takes up his role as head of the central bank in July. Carney has helped create a sustained period of growth as the head of the Bank of Canada. Next month will be interesting to see what impact he has, will he look to impose himself and extend QE? Today’s results and more positive figures may suggest that he holds off, for now. I for one feel he will look to extend QE within the next 2-3 months and for this reason feel any trades in the region of 1.17/18 should be viewed as an opportunity for Euro buyers.

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Pound Euro Forecast (Tom Holian)

UK Retail Sales are due out later this morning at 930am with strong figures expected. The expectation for year on year is 0.2% so much more of a difference could lead to Sterling volatility this morning. Later this afternoon European Consumer Confidence figures are released and my feeling is that the data will come out low as Europe has been struggling of late leading to a loss of confidence. We could see a weakening for the Euro shortly after this data set.

Last night Mervyn King made his last speech as Governor of the Bank of England and spoke about the UK potentially needing more stimulus as a recovery is still not fully assured. Sterling fell marginally against the Euro but as he is leaving shortly the markets didn’t over react too much to the news.

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Euro rate Forecast – Will the Euro remain this quiet for long?

The Euro is enjoying a period of relative calm at present which is surely not going to last. Attention is currently focussing on the United States and whether or not we will witness further QE in the future. Whilst domestic demand in the US is improving it may be the decreasing demand from Europe and China which ultimately will lead to the injection of more QE.

The outlook in Europe is very much negative and the main reason the rates have not majorly trailed off is the belief and confidence Mario Draghi and the ECB will do ‘whatever it takes’ to ensure stability. The bad news is firmly out in the market and this is preventing further losses. I think however you would struggle to find many who expect the euro would not weaken again at some point in the future.

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When will the Euro weaken?

The Euro is remaining strong despite mixed data of late. Germany has been enjoying better than expected economic data but the overall economic picture in the eurozone remains bleak. This is bound to at some point cause further euro weakness but for now investors attention is very much on the global outlook and trying to second guess the Federal reserve in the US.

When should I sell Euros? If you are holding euros (or will soon be) following a property sale overseas now is an excellent time to seriously think about converting to GBP. The pound has been strengthening in recent weeks and despite having almost as equally a worrying economic outlook as the eurozone, should remain bouyant and avoid excessive selling.

Selling Euros for USD or GBP is currently worthwhile as surely the Euro is bound to weaken in the future. Against sterling we are historically at excellent levels, yes it has been better but it is impossible to get the top or bottom of any market. I think if you are selling euros it is worth weighing up the huge improvements since last year versus the high chance at anytime the wrong headline could send rates soaring back to last year’s levels!

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Euro staying stable against Pound and Dollar – Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar and South African Rand continue to weaken (Daniel Wright)

The Euro has remained stable against Sterling over the past few days however we have recently seen key Eurozone leaders becoming much more bullish about the recovery of the Eurozone with many now starting to say the crisis is over.

Personally, I would be extremely surprised not to see any further fireworks for the more troubled economies within Europe however this positive stance may well lead to a little Euro strength in the coming weeks.

We have the ECB monthly report out on Thursday which will tell us a little more about how things are going but personally I do not see any major movements this week against the pound or the Dollar unless U.K or U.S data comes out completely different than expected.

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Sterling Euro Exchange Rates Today (Tom Holian)

Sterling Euro has remained in a tight trading range today as data is limited. Tomorrow is the day where we’re expecting a little more volatility on the currency markets as the UK releases production data for both Industrial & Manufacturing sectors. Later in the afternoon the NIESR publishes its GDP estimate which is likely to influence the markets. With the recent release of positive data for the UK I would not be surprised to see this continue tomorrow and therefore push Sterling Euro requirements in an upwards direction.

The ECB has recently cut its own Eurozone growth forecast as it confirmed it would keep interest rates on hold at record levels on Thursday. The ECB has now predicted that the Eurozone will contract by 0.6% this year but it did insist that recovery albeit slow will occur in 2014. This has seen Sterling improve marginally against the single currency with the GBPEUR hitting levels of resistance at 1.1780.

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Bank of England & European Central Bank Keep Interest Rates on Hold (Matthew Vassallo)

Thursday has seen some major moves in the currency market, following a busy day of economic data releases. The EUR seems to be holding on for dear life against the Pound at the moment, although we have seen GBP find a lot of resistance around 1.18. In contrast however the single currency has surged against the USD, moving over 2 cents from the low of the day and providing USD buyers with some of the best levels on the currency pair this year.

Today’s key data for anyone with a EUR requirement, was the European Central Bank (ECB) interest rate decision and Mario Draghi’s subsequent press conference. As expected interest rates were kept on hold and there was no mention of further monetary policy. Whilst the Pound may be enjoying its run against the EUR at present, I do believe the arrival of incoming BoE governor Mark Carney could change the landscape dramatically. There is a lot of talk that he will be instigating aggressive rounds of Quantitative Easing (QE), with the hope that it will devalue the Pound enough to get the Eurozone trading with us again and in turn this should shorten our trade deficit and improve the overall health of the UK economy. For this reason I would suggest anyone looking to buy EUR should consider their positions imminently and those looking to sell should be keeping their eyes firmly fixed on developments over the coming weeks.

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Foreign exchange is one of the most overlooked areas of foreign property. All too often both buyers and sellers alike will go to great lengths to negotiate the price and fixtures or fittings of a property then neglect to consider the impact of foreign exchange fluctuations.

I think this week will bring some good news for Euro buyers, bad news for Euro sellers. I expect that the pound will find some strength and the Euro will weaken as attention turns back to the problems in the Eurozone.

For too long now rates have been strong and whilst I have written a great deal about why this is the case (to read more click here), I do think rates will get a little better in the short term for Euro buyers.

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