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GBP/EUR Will the Autumn Report Caused Volatility?(Daniel Johnson)

The Autumn Report has not caused any great shakes this afternoon, with GBP/EUR currently sitting at 1.4222. I think the most important release to have impact on GBP/EURn was the head of the Bank of England Mark Carney’s testimony yesterday. There are worries over UK inflation currently sat at 0.1%, the target is 2% and Carney indicated he would be willing to drop interest rates before there would be a hike.

Despite reports of a firm UK economic recovery this is a very worrying situation, I think with GBP/EUR levels currently very close to the eight year high of 1.4407 I would be very tempted to get something done if I was a Euro buyer. Potential gains could be slim but losses could be substantial, we witnessed how Black Monday knocked GBP/EUR back to the 1.34s only weeks ago.

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Euro rates rise!

A surprisingly buoyant report from the Treasury and favourable news from the US saw the Euro weaken against both the pound and the dollar this lunchtime. Expectations are firmly on the ECB for any possible QE move next week, if you need to buy or sell euros making some firm plans sooner rather than later is probably a very good idea! The Bank of England has been talking down sterling lately but essentially the UK is still now well ahead of other economies (but behind the Sates) as the economy most likely to raise interest rates in the future. This has boosted the pound (as well as the USD) and should see sterling remaining stronger against the Euro.

December is shaping up to be an exceptionally busy month on the foreign exchange market with the ECB Meeting 2nd December and the Federal Reserve meeting 18th December. Euro exchange rate movements hinge on two key factors. One is whether or not the ECB launch or indicate further QE at their 2nd December meeting. There is much speculation about how much, when and also whether any interest rates cuts are planned. The ECB is in a difficult place with plenty of speculation and pressure as to what they will do next! The Fed’s decision is also vital, if you need to buy or sell Euros in the coming weeks and next year then making some plans now is very sensible!

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Sterling loses value against the euro (Dayle Littlejohn)

Throughout today’s trading period the pound has lost over a cent value against the euro. 

The morning started with a host of German economic data that started the spiral. Business climate conditions had improved however GDP YoY stayed at 1.8%

Later in the morning Mark Carney (Governor of the Bank of England), gave his latest press conference in regards to inflation. His dovish stance continued to dent the purchasing power of sterling and the market continued to slide. However he did eliminate any talks of  the Bank of England abolishing cash, as this would mean the Bank of England would abandon the inflation target causing sterling weakness.

Tomorrow is quiet for economic data releases. The only release to note is UK Mortgage Approvals at 9.30am. Mortgage approvals are a key indicator to how the housing market is performing. The consensus is for a small rise therefore we could see sterling make back some of today’s losses.

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Is now the best time to buy Euros with pounds?

I think the answer to this question has to be positive since we are so very close to those best levels of 2015 not seen since November 2007. Some of the more keen market watchers out there might point out the rate is not quite at the previous top hit in July of 1.44 but I don’t think that should detract from the fantastic levels on offer. By and large the last few years have been a punishing time to purchase Euros with the pound since the UK economy has been struggling and there was a high level of confidence in the Eurozone despite uncertainty elsewhere. Since then the UK economy has recovered whilst the Eurozone is still lagging and economic fears rife. The currency markets are fickle beasts and events can quickly change, I do believe that with everything going the right way for Euro buyers currently now is the time to really take stock and not risk losing such amazing levels.

The upshot is the bad news surrounding the Euro is very much priced into current levels and any change in the forecast could see a big change on the rate, in short I feel there is more to lose from holding on too much longer than gain. If you need to buy or sell Euros in the future making some careful plans is sensible, if you wish to get an overview of the market and get an understanding of our services and rates please email me Jonny on

When to Buy Euros (Daniel Johnson)

Today saw the release of UK retail sales figures and they came in below par. GBP/EUR dropped from the high of the day ,1.4319 and now sits in the mid 1.42s.

The reason GBP/EUR is currently sitting at some of the best levels in the last eight years is due to the ECB (European Central Bank) indicating they are willing to increase and lengthen their QE program. Essentially QE is pumping money into an economy in order to stimulate growth. Although the increase is set to be implemented the market has already factored in the increased QE.

If I was a Euro buyer I wouldn’t be hanging on for small gains, to procrastinate can prove costly.

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Euro exchange rates have a quieter day – All eyes now on the Federal Reserve meeting minutes (Daniel Wright)

The Euro has had a slightly quieter day on the markets today with very little for investors and speculators to feel off.

Later this evening we have the FOMC meeting minutes, this data basically shows us what was discussed at the last interest rate decision over in the States and may give us a clearer indication as to whether or not we may see a hike in rates in December.

The reason this has an impact on the Euro is that EUR/USD is the most traded currency pairing in the world and should it look likely that we are to see a hike in the States  then you may see a large flow of money out of Euros and into Dollars, lowering demand in the Euro and making it cheaper to buy.

Should it look likely that we may not see a hike in the states in December then the Euro may actually gain strength and become more expensive to buy. In turn if you are looking to sell Euros and buy a foreign currency then you should get more for your Euros.

The main focus left for the week will be Mario Draghi (Head of the European Central Bank) speaking on Friday at 08:00am. Any comments from Draghi may lead to a volatile start to the day for the Euro so if you are looking to exchange Euros in the coming days or weeks then it may be important to consider the various options available to you tomorrow in advance of Draghi speaking before trading starts on Friday morning.

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Why is the EUR Losing Value? (Matthew Vassallo)

The EUR woes have continued of late, with the single currency losing value against most of the major currencies, in particular against GBP & the USD. GBP/EUR rates are slipping back towards the 10 year lows we saw in the summer and despite some bullish statements by European Central Bank (ECB) president Mario Draghi during his last public address, he couldn’t shy away from the many economic problems still facing the region. Add to this a run of strong UK data, including better than expected inflation figures and it’s no real surprise to see the EUR struggling. Personally I did anticipate such a move and I believe we will see some market support for the EUR under 1.44.

The issue for those client holding EUR is that the entire Eurozone region remains shrouded in negativity and uncertainty. This is not combination that will inspire investor confidence and whilst I do feel the EUR will find some support again before Christmas, whether this is going to be sustainable or not is another matter. Based on the recent market movement I would say it is unlikely, as we have seen a number of false dawns only to be left disappointed time and time again. Any spike back below 1,40 would be key and I would look to take advantage of any short-term respite. Similarly if rates slip below the levels we saw in the summer then I would be tempted to bite the bullet and not a risk a move through 1.45.

EUR/USD rates have also dropped and this is in line with the market expectation that the US Fed will be hiking rates in December. This story has dominated headlines for much of the year but with it seeming ever more likely and the on-going negativity which is handicapping the EUR, I would be tempted to lock in any trades prior to the Fed’s December meeting, as any rate rise could push EUR/USD rates below 1.05.

Looking ahead and tomorrow we have the latest ECB Monetary Policy Meeting Accounts, which will give us a key insight into the central bank’s overview of the Eurozone economy. We also have UK Retail Sales figures and US employment data, so expect additional volatility on EUR exchange rates as we head towards the weekend.

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Should I buy my euros now? (Dayle Littlejohn)

In recent weeks sterling has continued to make gains against the euro and we are not close to buying at 8 year highs. It was only 4 weeks ago sterling/euro exchange rate was 8 cents less compared to today meaning a £100,000.00 transfer would now gain you an extra €8,000.

There are numerous reasons for the change in exchange rate, including speculation about the EU quantitative program and the US interest rate decision. Speculators feel the Q.E program could be extended in December and also increased. Further to this the US could hike their interest rate and therefore we have seen a sell off off euros to buy dollars. These are the two main reasons why sterling has been making gains against the euro.

If you are buying a property abroad or need to pay a company invoice, however don’t have all of the funds available to you at the moment, I would strongly recommend locking into a forward contract. A forward contract, is a contract that secures today’s rate but you pay later for it. For further information feel free to email me directly Dayle Littlejohn.

What is the likelihood of the GBPEUR rate hitting 1.45?

GBPEUR has spiked up to some of the very best levels in 8 years lately presenting an excellent opportunity to buy Euros with pounds. ~Unfortunately this is partly to do with the atrocities in Paris and serves as a reminder how unexpected events can cause the exchange rate to move significantly. For Euro buyers this is a good opportunity and one that should not I believe be taken for granted, it is perfectly foreseeable that the rates could in the future dip right back down if the focus turns back to the UK and the worries over the UK economy. The likelihood of the UK economy coming unstuck further is high although the prospect of further Euro weakness is of course too! If the ECB (European Central Bank) embark on more QE then the Euro will more than likely weaken as investors sell the Euro for other investments down the line.

Expectations for further improvements are few and far between for the Euro and the worries following the Paris attack are unlikely to be shifted quickly, it would be dangerous to rule out further attacks too in the future which might lead to further uncertainty on financial markets. The currency markets are notoriously uncertain beasts and trying to make predictions is often dangerous and can lead to disappointment. Having said that to do nothing and hope for the best is not a strategy I would recommend so making plans and trying to prepare yourself is sensible. If you wish to discuss the market further I would be most interested to hear from you and provide an overview of the currency market and all of your options.

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What next for the Euro?

The Euro has had a very rough few weeks weakening significantly against all its peers, will this continue? Well the likelihood is that yes it will since the ECB have made clear further QE is on the cards in the future. December is when they might announce this measure which is bound to weaken the Euro as investors sell of the Euro. If you need to sell Euros for the pound in the future then I would suggest moving sooner rather than later! The forecast for the pound next week is not very good as we get the latest Inflation reports for the UK, Inflation has been the big worry for the pound and the UK, therefore this release could provide a very good short term opportunity to sell euros for the pound.

Looking to the next few weeks there are further releases which might help Euro sellers but on balance if I had Euros to sell I wouldn’t be holding on. If you need to sell or buy Euros in the future understanding what is driving the market is key to understanding what to expect on your exchange rate in the future. For a forecast specific to your position please email me Jonny a brief description of what you need to by emailing

EUR Forecast – Will the Single Currency Find Market Support? (Matthew Vassallo)

The EUR has continued to deceive of late, with a number of false dawns offering hope to EUR sellers. These moves have been short lived however, with investors having to watch their EUR gains evaporate almost as quickly as they came about. This trend is particularly evident against the Pound, where we have seen increased volatility as speculation mounts as to whether the Euroepan Central Bank (ECB) will act to counter the on-going concerns surrounding their inflation figures. The general consensus is that they may have to increase, or at least extend their current Quantitative Easing (QE) programme, which is due to run until September 2016. This would almost certainly devalue the EUR if it were to occur and despite today’s bullish statements by ECB president Mario Draghi, the region is still fighting against a tide of negative feeling.

Yes, in my opinion the current QE programme is having a positive effect but due to the complex nature of the Eurozone set up and its individual economies trying to work in tandem, the region seems to take one step forward and then two back.

Looking ahead and we have another address by Draghi today and as always I expect him to come out fighting but with GBP/EUR rates sitting close to a 7 year low, I do expect this to turn the tide in the EUR favour. However EUR sellers may want to look towards tomorrow for some comfort, with the latest set of Eurozone Gross Domestic Product (GDP) expected to show an improvement to 1.7% growth. If this does occur we may see the EUR gain some support and move back towards 1.40 against GBP as we head into the weekend.

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What next for the Euro?

The outlook for the Euro is not particularly favourable as the likelihood of the rates hike in the US increases weakening the Euro against the dollar. As this process continues it is looking increasingly likely that the Euro is going to weaken further since the gulf in economic policy between the US and Eurozone increases too. As the USD strengthens and the Euro weakens it ‘weighs’ down (or lightens in this case) against other currencies.

The big Euro news this week is the Eurozone GDP data on Friday, this could easily impact current EUR rates for both buyers and sellers. When we stack up all the potential events in the Eurozone currently the future is not boding too well! There is a strong chance of more QE at Christmas (which will weaken the Euro) and then the prospect of maybe an interest rate cut in the future! Contrast this to the UK and the US who are currently tightening monetary policy, planning on raising interest rates in the future.

If you need to buy or sell Euros there is a strong chance the Euro will weaken further in the future, I think if selling euros in the future you should really be planning some form of exit strategy! For more information at no cost or obligation please speak to me Jonathan on