Exchange Rates

EUR/GBP - Euro to Pound forecasts

EURGBP Points Lower Ahead of ECB and UK GDP Data

The EURGBP exchange rate was -0.10% lower on Wednesday as markets await tomorrow’s ECB interest rate meeting. The UK will also see the latest GDP growth figures released on Friday. Further data on Thursday will be US inflation and prices have been red hot lately, which may...

EURGBP Higher on Tuesday After Mixed EU Data

The EURGBP exchange rate was 0.15% higher on Tuesday as markets awaited the release of another Q1 GDP update for the eurozone, while the German economy saw the release of the latest ZEW economic sentiment data. The UK hospitality industry is warning of big job losses in...

Euro Higher Against the Pound for the Week but Range Holds

The EURGBP exchange rate was -0.05% lower on Wednesday after the German economy saw inflation and employment data supporting the single currency this week. Inflation data was at its highest level since 2018, while German employment saw its best May performance since 2012. The country’s economy has...

EUR/USD - Euro to US Dollar forecasts

Euro to Pound Rates Trading Lower

The euro to pound exchange rate was trading lower as sterling continues to gain on Brexit deal hopes.

Euro Exchange Rates: All Eyes on ECB Monetary Policy Decision

At the time of writing, euro exchange rates stand at 0.90755 having dipped to below 0.9 on Thursday.

Euro Exchange Rates, Positive EURUSD Run Continues

A relatively stable end to a lively week for euro exchange rates as they surge against the dollar while, against Sterling all eyes turn to Brexit.

EUR/AUD - Euro to Australian Dollar forecasts

A Ticking Clock on Brexit and Mixed News About COVID 19 Shapes the Euro Rate

Hope remains that the looming deadline will force both sides into some form of agreement. However, the somewhat negative rhetoric emanating from both camps has kept the sterling to euro rate down.

Euro to Pound: Could ECB Meeting Today Lead to EUR Gains?

The Euro to Pound exchange rate has been gradually climbing since Monday, with the pair trading at its best level of the week at the time of writing. Monday was bad day for the pair as the Pound had its best day against the Euro in around...

Euro to Pound Rate at 2 Month High

Currently, mid-market levels for euro to pound is at a 2-month high at 0.897 on midmarket rates showing the recent strength for the single currency whilst euro to US dollar has been making continuous inroads against the USD as the start of May at 1.08 has grown...