Do you get the best rates for Euros. Do you get the most from your Euros. Speak with us to find out!! (Ben Amrany)

Events in Cyprus this week have dented the Euro to the tune of around 2% against a host of the major currencies. Looking at the Euro against the pound we have seen the levels start to hit the late 1.17’s. Over the next week or so I feel that events in Cyprus will dominate the financial markets and potentially assist the Euro to continue to weaken slightly. However with next weeks GDP data to come out of the UK we may see the Euro fight back by a cent or so. So if you have an account with us we can be your eyes and ears on the market to keep you updated with the movements. If you have a target level for your exchange then why not inform me and I can make sure you do not miss any favourable movements with our rate alert. Email me at and I can talk you through the mechanics of setting up a rate alert so you do not miss your target levels.

Over the last few years here at we have helped to assist thousands of clients with their money exchange. Having a good currency broker on side can go some way to help you decide when may be a good time to carry out your currency conversion while achieving considerably better rates of exchange than what the high street banks tend to offer.

All the authors on this site work for one of the biggest currency brokers in the UK called Foreign Currency Direct. We do not deal with any other financial products which enables us to offer our clients a very personal service which the banks just do not do. Test it out, speak with your bank and inform them that you have a currency conversion to make over the coming weeks or months and see how much time they give you to speak about your requirement. We are always happy to speak with you regardless of the volume that you need to exchange to help you maximise your currency conversion.

Over the course of this year the rates for the Euro have been very volatile so having a good broker on side may just help you trade at a favourable level. Not only will we offer you a personal service we will also offer all of our private clients commercial rates of exchanges plus options which banks only tend to offer their corporate clients.

We can place limit orders in the market to help you try and achieve a better rate than what is currently available. You can do the opposite to this with a stop loss so you know your funds will not drop below a specific level. The most popular contract for our clients that are buying properties or importing goods are forward contracts. This gives you the peace of mind that you know how far your funds will go while not having to pay for them up front. Brilliant if you do not have full funds available at present or if you are buying a property and you do not want all your funds sitting with your solicitor for 2-3 months.


So if you would like to find out how we can help assist you with your money exchange please do email me at and I will explain all the options that are available to you.

Thank you for reading and i hope you find the site informative.

Ben Amrany