Huge Day Today With The Release Of European CPI and EU Unemployment – Expect Volatile Euro Exchange Rates As A Result (Colm Gilhooly)

Today is a big day for the Euro as we see the release of the latest European CPI data at 10.00 this morning with the EU unemployment rate being published at exactly the same time.  Given low inflation has been one of the chief concerns for the European Central Bank recently, and was one of the reasons for the recent interest rate cut which weakened the Euro, I expect considerable volatility if the figure come out any different to the 0.5%.

This is because it would increase the possibility that the ECB may take further action soon to try and combat the risk of deflation and try and kick-start economic growth.  They have left the door open for further intervention at previous press conferences, and whilst I am not convinced they will take action in August, a low figure will surely weigh on the Euro.  Added to this would be the jobs figure which again needs to at least stabilise, if not improve, to allow the Euro to fight back a little.  Once again should the rate come out worse than the 11.6% we could be in for another bumpy road for the single currency.

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