David Cameron vs Nigel Farage-Who wins? You decide! (Tom Holian)

.,Tonight in a live debate Prime Minister David Cameron will be going head to head against Nigel Farage.

With just over 2 weeks to go before the EU referendum takes place on whether the UK will vote to Remain or Leave the European Union the voting according to various polls is extremely close.

Over the weekend a poll by the Telegraph showed that 19,000 subscribers voted in favour of voting to Leave and a week ago a Guardian poll showed 45% in favour of Leaving and 42% to Remain with the rest undecided.

When the lives debates took place in the run up to last year’s general election this caused big movements for Sterling Euro exchange rates and the same could occur when we open the dealing lines tomorrow morning.

My personal opinion is that the Prime Minister should with his experience be able to fend off the challenge made by Farage but until the debate takes place we will not know how he performs.

In the morning UK manufacturing data as well as Industrial Production data is also released and with last month’s figures showing the lowest figures for 3 years I think although the data could be low I would suspect that this should be better than the month before.

Therefore, if the economic data in the morning as well as a Cameron win this evening this could set the tone for Sterling vs the Euro and we could begin the morning with Sterling strength vs the single currency.

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