Euro Strength after Strong Manufacturing PMI Data (James Lovick)


For anyone selling Euros there is once again an excellent opportunity to convert into pounds. There has been considerable weakness in the price of the pound over these last two weeks as result of underlying Brexit concerns. It has been three months to the day since the British referendum on EU membership and fundamentally very little has changed. Although much of the economic data has been largely upbeat over the last three months since the vote, the Brexit worries still aren’t disappearing and this is keeping the currency markets on tenterhooks.

EU manufacturing numbers released this morning as per the Purchasing Managers Index came in stronger than expected which immediately saw the Euro strengthen. This is a welcome boost for Euro exchange rates although the rally may not have too much further to go.

Today is light for the UK today although next week sees some key economic releases. GDP numbers however are the key ones to watch as this is “hard data” and it’s the one the markets are most interested. The figures effectively tell us how well the British economy has been performing in terms of economic growth. Whilst a slowdown was predicted it doesn’t appear to have materialised. In fact the strong manufacturing data of late should even be a boost for UK GDP. Anything steady or indeed positive should see the pound turn around its recent decline and a good rally may follow.

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