Sterling Weakness after Bank of England Comments (James Lovick)

Sterling exchange rates have fallen against the Euro this week and the recent rally now appears to have run out of steam. The Bank of England held rates steady yesterday at 0.25% and maintained Quantitative Easing but Mark Carney did mention that there could be a further interest rate cut later this year.

This has resulted in a further slide in the price of the pound against most of the major currencies including the Euro. Clients selling Euros have been presented with another good opportunity to move into sterling. The issue for the Bank of England is that that the Brexit process will take time and this creates uncertainty for individuals and businesses alike. This uncertainty is likely to keep the pressure on the pound for some time to come.

The earliest Article 50 will be invoked by the British government will be in 2017 and it may even take place towards the end of the year following the French and German elections. This could and probably will be a long drawn out affair which makes this a very uncertain period for the pound.

With no UK economic data today eyes look to next week which is extremely light on data releases. Politics is likely to once again be the driving force next week as far as sterling exchange rates are concerned.

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