Buying Euro exchange rates still showing signs of heavy speculation (Joshua Privett)

Anyone with a buying Euro requirement will have seen extreme movements on the exchange rates this week but with little to show for it as we progress further into the week following Sterling’s flash crash.

Since Friday morning’s crash on the Pound markets remain hypersensitive. There is an evident lack of comfort for investors to hold Sterling for prolonged periods of time – which explains the drastic swings in demand for the value of the Pound, translating into parallel swings on GBP/EUR as a result.

The issue is that the Pound is currently undervalued in my opinion. There was a mass sell-off last Friday caused by a mistake during Asian trading which the Bank of England is still investigating, which triggered an unwarranted downward spiral on the Pound. When markets realized the mistake many bought up the mountain of incredibly cheap Sterling, reversing some of the more adverse effects of the collapse in demand for Sterling earlier that day.

The best way to picture markets is that this mound is still available, and the hypersensitive buying and selling activity around it due to investor nervousness is set to continue in the short term. 

In these instances, where so much of the currency markets are governed by the whims of speculators are high street institutions, opportunities arise and disappear almost instantaneously, so it is important to be in a position to move quickly to ensure that you are never ‘last to the party’. 

There are a number of options open through a currency exchange specialist to ensure that any desired levels to buy Euros are seized, even if they are available for only a few moments. These are also available for Euro sellers if you are planning a transfer in the short-term and are not in a position to wait much longer.

You can contact me overnight whilst markets are quieter on [email protected] to discuss a strategy for your transfer in order to maximise your Euro return. I have never had an issue beating the rates of exchange offered elsewhere, and these current buying or selling levels can be fixed in place for anyone planning a purchase later on in the year and wish to safeguard your transfer.

As such a brief conversation could save you thousands on an upcoming currency purchase. You can also fill in the form below and I will respond to you as soon as I am able to.

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