Euro strength due to Mario Draghi (Dayle Littlejohn)

This morning the euro has strengthened against the pound by 0.5% off the back of President Mario Draghi’s press conference. The President announced that the European Central Bank could taper the Banks aggressive Quantitative easing program as early as September this year. If the central bank cut the amount of money entering the Eurozone this would lead to euro strength as it shows the economy is recovering from its economic crisis.

In other news the Bank of England Governor is under severe pressure as it appears other members of the Bank of England are breaking ranks and disagreeing with his approach. It was only last week Andy Haldane completely contradicted the Governors stance on interest rates and announced he is close to voting for a hike and this could happen next month. The next meeting is on the 3rd August.

Looking further ahead for GBPEUR exchange rates, Theresa May’s position as Prime Minister is a worry for any client purchasing euros with pounds. Some members of Parliament are suggesting her position has become untenable and rumour has it that she could resign in the upcoming months, leading to further uncertainty and weakness for the pound.

Brexit negotiations will also have an impact however I am optimistic and believe in the upcoming years a deal will be struck. However short term I wouldn’t be surprised to see the pound remain under pressure.

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