what can we expect next on the pound to Euro exchange rate?

If you are buying Euros with pounds there is an expectation the pound will continue to struggle but tomorrow will give us some much clearer direction. Overall there is a belief that the pound will continue to struggle in the future but we will have to wait to find out. The Euro will I believe strengthen further and this part of the problem for Euro buyers.

Tomorrow is the European Central Bank Interest rate decision which will see us learn of the latest updates and information from the President of European Central bank. I would be surprised to see the ECB change their policy at tomorrow’s meeting but it is a very real possibility. Overall the expectation is for the Euro to strengthen further but much of this has been factored in already.

If you have Euros to buy then hopefully we will see some improvements in the future but the general trend has been downward and I would be surprised to see this continue. The overall market conditions that have led to the rates changing so far are likely to continue in the future but I would not be surprised to see some slightly better rates for Euro buyers if sentiments change.

Expectations for the pound to rise against the Euro remains confined to the outside of expectations so if you need to buy Euros making some plans sooner than later seems to me the best way forward. If you have any transactions to consider in the future, making plans in advance seems a very wise move with so much uncertainty ahead.

Buying Euros with pounds looks like it will continue to be an expensive proposition, if you wish to run through or discuss any options and how best to mitigate the uncertainty please speak to me Jonny Watson by emailing jmw@currencies.co.uk. Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.