Will the Euro rise or fall?

The German election has been a major driver of the Euro this week which the pound has been able to make gains against. The Euro is looking much lower against both sterling and the US dollar as the concerns over the make up of the German parliament weighs on investors minds. Headlines reading that the third largest party in Germany is now a party with far right intentions will do settle investors concerns over the future direction of politics in Germany and the Eurozone.

If you have a transfer to make buying Euros then I would be looking to capitalise on any potential improvements which could see the pound move higher in the future against the Euro. The Euro should now remain a little weaker against the pound although the fundamental reasons for Euro strength, good politics and a strong economy should remain.

Mark Carney will be speaking today which could see some movement on GBPEUR, if you have a transfer to make in the future buying Euros with pounds the next few weeks could really see some good opportunities to buy Euros with pounds. However as always with the currency markets there are never any guarantees about what is around the corner. Personally I would not be taking too many chances but there is absolutely the potential for improvements in the future for Euro buyers if we do see the right things happen.

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