Sterling Euro rates remain under pressure after latest round of Brexit talks (Tom Holian)

Sterling exchange rates vs the Euro have ended the week lower after the latest round of Brexit talks in Brussels. The topic of Brexit is clearly the main driver of what will happen to the Pound in the future.

We saw UK Retail Sales come out much better than expected but the Pound didn’t see any real movement against the Euro as investors remained focused on the ongoing Brexit talks.

The leaders across Europe have allowed to let the Brexit negotiations move onwards towards the second phase of discussions. However, Prime Minister Theresa May remains under a lot of pressure both in Europe and closer to home.

She has the unenviable job of trying to maintain a positive relationship with the European leaders as well as trying to quash a Tory revolt.

European leaders have agreed that the talks can move on with the UK remaining in the customs unions and single market during the transitional phase but this still does not confirm what will happen after the negotiations have ultimately finished so we are no closer to finding a solution at this moment in time.

Therefore, we could continue to remain in an uncertain period for quite some time to come for the Pound so don’t expect to see any big gains coming for Sterling.

In the middle of next week Bank of England governor Mark Carney is due to address the markets.

His tone has been rather cautious in previous statements so I expect more of the same which could cause the Pound to wobble against the Euro.

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