Bearish comments on the UK economy pushes the Pound to Euro rate into the 1.13’s

Euro to Pound Exchange Rate: Easing EU lockdowns

Sterling has seen a sell-off in its value this afternoon, after some negative comments from key personnel has pushed the Pound lower across the board of major currency pairs.

Two former Bank of England officials, David Blanchflower and Andrew Sentance have given negative assessments of the UK’s economy at present. The issue surrounding the UK economy at the moment is a lack of productivity growth, as in other major economies such as the US and the Eurozone, Gross Domestic Product (economic output) is increasing at a much faster rate than employment whereas in the UK, it’s stagnant as the figures are running at the same values.

There are also fears that this could get worse if the UK losses highly-skilled personnel as a result of the Brexit and its implications on the UK economy/freedom of movement.

This has come at a time that the Euro is under pressure owing to the political instability surrounding the Italian political situation. Anti-Eu parties in Italy are in the process of forming a coalition government with many expecting to see this take place over the weekend until there was a last minute scuppering of the arrangement by Italian president Sergio Mattarella.

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