EUR Forecast – ECB QE Programme Likely to be Key in Shaping the Euro’s Value (Matthew Vassallo)

The Euro has come under some pressure over recent days, with losses against both the Pound and USD.

Investors have started to shy away from the single currency, with the Eurozone economy coming off the boil over recent months.

European Central Bank (ECB) president Mario Draghi has cited some potential negative triggers of late, with concerns over a global trade war weighing on investors’ confidence.

President Trump has threatened to introduce trade tariffs on imported Eurozone good, which could seriously impact Eurozone productivity levels.

This in turn has caused investors to flee the Euro, which was already coming under increasing pressure with political tensions rising in some of its key economies, notably Italy & Spain.

Despite these underlying concerns there are still many positives inside an economy that outperformed almost all of its counterparts for much of the two years.

Inflation levels came in stronger than expected and close to the ECB’s target rate, whilst the political instability from Italy seems to have stabilised somewhat.

It will be interesting to see whether or not the ECB extend their current monetary policy programme, which was initially scheduled to end in September. This huge injection now looks likely to continue until the end of 2018, although perhaps at a more reduced level. How this particular situation unfolds will likely hold many of the answer, when it comes to trying to gauge the EUR value over the coming months.

It may be that the Euro has now moved away from the highs it achieved earlier this year against both the EUR & USD. It may prudent for Euro sellers to take advantage whilst the current exchange rates still look very attractive, particularly against the Pound and remove any risk from an increasingly uncertain market.

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