A small improvement for GBPEUR exchagne rates

UK Markit services data released this morning at 9.30am, which captures an overview of the condition of sales and employment showed a significant improvement from 54 to  to 55.1. Tomorrow morning Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney, is set to deliver a speech in Newcastle and as Markit services and GDP have both risen recently, the press will question whether an interest rate hike will materialise in August. At present the market is now pricing in a 73% chance and this is the reason why GBPEUR has increased throughout the day.

For euro buyers, it’s great news that the UK economy has improved in recent weeks, however on going Brexit negotiations are still a concern for clients that are looking to buy euros. This Friday the full conservative cabinet will meet at Chequers, the Prime Ministers countryside retreat to discuss the Brexit strategy moving forward. Some economists believe that the PM has summoned her full cabinet as she plans a super soft Brexit and the news will be received better than if she only summoned her war cabinet.

The problem I have is that key politicians like David Davis and Boris Johnson could try and sabotage the plan and put further pressure on the PMs position and ultimately sterling. For clients that are buying euros, I would keep a close eye on Fridays events as the unfold as at any point I expect the pound could experience substantial losses.

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