GBP/EUR remains flat as markets await Brexit updates

EUR GBP 0.87 as German Court questions ECB Bond Buying

After a strong day for GBP exchange rates yesterday, the Pound is trading flat against the Euro whereas its actually lost much of yesterday’s gains already against the major currency pairs.

The reason for the spike yesterday can be attributed to reports out of Ireland that the European Union will offer UK Prime Minister, Theresa May a UK wide customs union which will be a way around the issues surrounding the Northern Ireland border. Some of the shine was taken off of the news though as this arrangement will be treated as a separate treaty. It is progress though after the recent talk of a hard border in the Irish sea whereby Northern Ireland would be treated separately to the rest of the UK, as this is where talks last week stalled.

The GBP/EUR rate is now trading within tight margins and the pair are mostly influenced by Brexit related news, especially now that the UK will be leaving in less than 5-months.

The Euro has got off to bad start today after the ongoing Italian Budget issues remain. Yesterday it emerged that the EU has rejected the Italian governments proposal of 2.4% of GDP for their spending Budget. The Italian government has been at loggerheads with the EU for weeks now regarding this matter, and the EU appears unlikely to budge in their demands. As Italy is the third largest economy within the EU I expect to see this topic influence the GBP/EUR rate until its addresses, and any strains on the Italian and EU relationship could have the scope to impact exchange rates.

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