Euro makes huge gains against Sterling as Brexit woes continue for Theresa May

Sterling Rallies with Conservative Majority

Euro exchange rates have made great gains against the Pound over the last 24 hours as U.K Brexit issues continue to mount pressure on Prime Minister Theresa May.

Prime Minister May has had an extremely tough 24 hours since she released news yesterday that the cabinet had agreed her Brexit deal and this had initially given Sterling a slight boost. Since then, a number of resignations including chief Brexit negotiator Dominic Raab (who incidentally is now bookies favourite to become the next PM) and news that a number of Conservative members are ganging together to pursue a vote of no confidence. This would mount severe pressure onto the Prime Minister, lead to a great deal of political uncertainty and most likely lead to further Sterling weakness.

Theresa May is due to make another statement shortly and all eyes will be watching her to see what her next move could be.

She may confirm she will continue to fight on, she may just reiterate that Parliament will need to decide what happens next, she could announce that they will try to renegotiate the deal or there is still the potential she might step down completely.

All in all, even if you are sick of hearing about Brexit it is the main talking point for anyone looking to move money internationally involving the Euro or the Pound so you do need to keep on your toes with the very latest developments.

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