Euro predictions: Tory leadership vote to take centre stage

Euro to Pound to be influenced by UK Unemployment data

For our latest Euro predictions, we’ll see how there’s little economic data due out today and for the remainder of the week. So the most likely market-mover will be today’s first round of voting on the Conservative Party’s leadership contest. The eventual winner will become Prime Minister.

There remain 10 candidates for the position. At the time of writing, ex-Mayor of London Boris Johnson is the bookies’ favourite. However, the bookies have got a number of political outcomes incorrect in recent years. So until there is an official winner, I think that we could see the Pound influenced by the voting outcomes.

The initial 13 candidates has already been whittled down to the remaining 10. The remaining candidates need a total of 17 votes to progress to the next round of voting. This will take place next week.

Of the candidates that remain, there are none that wish to push forward with another referendum regarding the UK’s membership of the EU. However, the opinions on the best way forward do vary. This is why we could see a volatile time of trading for GBP exchange rates.

Is the Euro going up or down against the Pound?

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