Sell Euros latest: Pound falls to multi-year lows vs Euro

Key talks today between UK PM Johnson and Irish PM Varadkar could cause volatility for GBPEUR

In this article about when to Sell Euros, we’ll see how the Pound has continued to lose value against the Euro this week. GBPEUR is now trading 9 cents lower on mid-market exchange rates, compared to the start of the British summer, in May. To put this into monetary value, a £200,000 trade into Euros generates €18,000 less when comparing mid-market exchange rates.

Reports this week from the Bank of England are suggesting that UK businesses have sold off the Pound heavily, to buy foreign currency. This is because businesses are concerned about the Pound falling further at the end of October due to a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

To make it worse for UK businesses, Dominic Cummings, the Prime Minister’s most senior aid, has stated that MPs cannot block a ‘no deal’ Brexit by a vote of no confidence. This will be argued in the weeks to come and will put further pressure on the Prime Minister.

Is the Euro going to go up?

Looking ahead, if the UK approaches October without a deal, I expect the Pound will continue to lose value. This is supported by the Bank of England as, last week, Governor Mark Carney warned Boris Johnson that a ‘no deal’ would cause the Pound to fall further against the major currencies. However, if Boris manages to renegotiate the Irish backstop, which in my view is unlikely, the Pound could start its recovery against the Euro.

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