Euro Exchange Rates Against USD, GBP and AUD

Euro Exchange Rates Against USD, GBP and AUD

So far this week euro exchange rates have remained fairly range bound against USD, GBP and AUD, as the markets have had very little for investors to feed off of and it does feel like speculators and investors are struggling to know just what the right thing is to do.

Earlier this week gold hit an 8 year high, which suggests that investors have a bearish outlook, as gold is often a safer haven that they would flock to during times of trouble.

On the flip side stock markets have been performing ok too, albeit with the odd wobble each and every time there is a hint of a second phase of COVID-19 on the horizon around the globe. Yesterday evening saw exactly that with the FTSE losing the gains that had been made over the last 10 days in a small space of time.

With all of this in mind it does present somewhat of a lottery as to where markets will head in the next week or so, economic data tends to dry up towards the end of a calendar month, however you should be cautious of month end flows on Tuesday, this is where managers of large indexes or funds seek to balance their currency positions at the end of a trading month, and with this being the end of a trading quarter sometimes this can lead to even larger market movements.

Month end flows can lead to large foreign exchanges and come with no prior warning, and this can mean that the value of major currencies moves quite rapidly for what seems like no reason at all, so the last day of a trading month is always an important one for you if you have a large currency exchange coming up, as it may make the exchange a lot cheaper or more expensive.

With releases like these it is key that you have a proactive currency broker on your side, who can either call you to make you aware of the movements or can set you up with rate alerts, limit orders or stop loss contracts that help you take advantage of positive movements but protect you from adverse ones.

If the bank or broker you currently use has not offered you this service which carries no extra cost, please feel free to fill in the form below and get in touch with us here at euro Rate Forecast today for more information.


With EUR USD currently sat at an interbank exchange rate of 1.1240 there has been very little to report as mentioned earlier in this article. The pairing has spent the last 7 days in a range between 1.12 and 1.1350 which is narrow considering everything that is going on around the world.

It has been widely reported that some analysts expect USD to lose significant value this year, a report on Bloomberg had suggested a 20% drop against GBP and EUR due to the issues surrounding the U.S job market, general economy and the political uncertainty that is pending with the elections coming up in November.

Currently if you believe bookmakers odds, Donald Trump is 2nd favourite now behind 77 year old Joe Biddon so the uncertainty on who may be steering the U.S ship through what may be troubled waters coupled with some testing economic times may lead to investors straying from the Dolalr and making it cheaper to buy.

Later today we have U.S jobs data which is one to watch out for this afternoon.


EUR GBP interbank exchange rates are currently sat ay 0.9040 at the time of writing this post and have also remained in a fairly tight range from the lower to upper 0.90s over the course of the trading week.

Sterling does appear to be a currency that is out of fashion at the moment with plenty out there to turn investors off at present.

With Brexit still in the balance and very little headway being made with negotiations this brings economic and political uncertainty, two matters that can impact the value of a currency. If you then throw a global pandemic into the mix and the fact it has had a huge impact on the U.K and led to vast sums of borrowing, then it would be understandable that the U.K and indeed the pound would be out of favour.

With this in mind we may still have further strength to come for euro against Sterling, but if you are in the process of carrying out a large exchange in either direction then it is always sensible to be cautious, there could be further progress in the Brexit talks than we have been made aware of or we might have problems for economies such as Spain, Italy, Germany or France due to the pandemic which could weigh heavily on euro exchange rates too.


EUR AUD interbank exchange rates are currently sat at 1.6360 and have also remained reasonably range bound over the course of the past 7 days, with the range from 1.62 through to the higher 1.64s.

The Australian dollar has been on good form against most major currencies, seeing a one month high against USD and a multi month high against GBP, but it does appear that euro is standing its ground during these turbulent times.

There are murmurs that the U.S/China trade deal may not be going well again and could potentially fall through, which could lead to Australian dollar weakness, but it does seem like the Australian dollar may be one of investors currencies of choice at present.

Usually, in riskier times you can often see perceived ‘riskier’ currencies such as the Australian dollar weaken but I feel that due to the lower impact coronavirus has had in Australia, allowing the Australian economy to leap out of the blocks this has led to money flowing into the Australian dollar making it stronger to buy.

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